Saturday, August 15, 2009

When in New York...

Here we go, yet another summer family vacation. I'm feeling pretty spoiled right now, because this time we're in New York!

Today we stayed on the border of Connecticut and Upstate New York, because that's where my dad's family resides. We've visited the area many times in the past, yet today my Dad took us to his favorite deli in Hawthorne. The name: Pops Deli. The specialty (according to my Dad): The turkey, provolone and coleslaw sandwich. It was a delectable, generous-sized sub served on really fresh bread. Mmm. We also shared an equally overflowing sub of both ham and salami.

We picnicked across the street on the grassy shoulder of the road underneath some shady trees. The picnic was a bit impromptu, but that didn't ruin the joy of sharing one of my Dad's old favorites.

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